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“In an age where most artists sit for hours in front of a blinking cursor trying to figure out how to hype themselves up in a “next level” bio, MEAUX GREEN would rather stay busy working on “next level” music and have someone like me, AK1200 write it for him.

Meaux Green is the epitome of future EDM. His high energy DJ sets completely demolish every crowd he faces. His ability to remain versatile as a DJ but more importantly as a recording artist is just one of the things that make him a global threat to anyone else in his perimeter. Known mostly for his floor stomping club sound and consistent work on countless, bootlegs, original tracks as well as official remixes for artists such as Moby, The Loops of Fury, DJ Icey, and the Crystal Method (as part of drum & bass act 2against1). In 2012 Meaux achevied chart sucess when his track, “Pemdas”, a collboration with fellow dj, Heavygrinder, sustained a top 20 spot on Beatport’s dance music charts.

Recently, his a bootleg remix of Boys Noize’s “What You Want”, ended up as Felix Cartal’s “Track of the Week” in
his wildly popular podcast for Tiesto’s ClubLife Radio on SiriusXM. His ability to stay on the pulse with so many formats has helped direct Meaux’s music straight into the play lists of some of the world’s largest DJ’s of every genre. As people dig deeper into the future of dance music, one name is consistently splattered across the charts or worldwide blogs, and that name is MEAUX GREEN, and you may as well get to know before someone else has to tell you about him. Let his music, and me, speak for him.”