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Quantum Theory is a musicologist.
Quantum Theory rocks Dubstep, Moombahton, and possibly some other stuff.
Quantum Theory eats nails for breakfast.
Quantum Theory’s uncle invented glow sticks.
Quantum Theory has a least 6 aliases. Those aliases have produced at least 40 records.
Quantum Theory once challenged Tiesto to mortal kombat. Thats when the fatality was invented.
Quantum Theory has DJed on 3 continents, 4 islands, 17 boats and 1 semi truck.
Quantum Theory has music in some movies and TV shows. It’s that awesome song you heard that one time.
Quantum Theory can DJ with actual turntables.

2 European tours including stops in Belguim, Germany, Holland, France and more. Played in most major markets across the united states, as well as stops in Canada, Mexico and South America.
- H20 Belguim
-Takeovr- Orlando
-Whats Cookin- Belguim
-Smart Bar -Chicago
-Cameo- Miami
-Beta- Denver
-The End Up- San Francisco